2cancycle UK Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement of 2Cancycle

At 2Cancycle, we are committed to protecting the rights of those affected by slavery, servitude and human trafficking. We believe in a world where every person is treated with respect and dignity, and where their rights are upheld. We are constantly reviewing our processes and procedures with the aim of preventing any form of modern slavery within our own business and supply chains.

We have zero tolerance for all forms of modern slavery, servitude and human trafficking as part of our commitment to ensuring that all workers in our supply chain have appropriate employment contracts, reasonable working hours, safe working conditions and health care benefits.

2Cancycle adheres to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) which aims to protect individuals from exploitation and abuse, including enforced labour, servitude and human trafficking. We understand that it is essential for us to take responsibility for eliminating practices associated with modern slavery from our operations directly or indirectly through our suppliers; as such we focus on managing threats associated with modern slavery throughout our operations as well as identifying victim risks through enhanced due diligence across all aspects of the business.

We conduct regular reviews of all third party suppliers we work with verifying material areas that could be at risk or vulnerable to exploitation or abuse in accordance with Section 54 of the Act by collecting supporting documents from each supplier confirming compliance with laws relating to employee rights such as labour laws.

Our staff are trained and encouraged to challenge inappropriate behaviour occurring within the workplace which could potentially result in a breach of this policy. On going evaluations take place on an annual basis which include updates on legislation changes impacting social accountability programmes which must be adhered too by both ourselves and our third party suppliers when needed.

We expect all those under our control or influence who work directly or indirectly with us to adhere strictly to this statement in line with Article 5(1)g iii-iv of the UN Principles & Guidelines 2001 concerning Refugee Protection & Forced Migration whereby non-refoulment shall not be violated under any circumstances or form involving no punishment, harm or threat thereof towards any persons involved in such activities described above who may find themselves subjected too undue duress involving external influences beyond their control due to gender identification racial religious beliefs political ideologies etc.

This statement is reviewed annually therefore may be subject tor re-alignment should change occur within legislation governing Modern Slavery Laws throughout UK & European Borders. This statement issued on: 4th March 2021 binds 2Cancycle until further notice at time & date mentioned below: Signed: Director Name Position: MD Date Issued: 4th March 2021 Postal Address 46 Lower Richmond Road Mortlake London SW14 7EZ UK Email address modernslavery@2cancycle.co.uk